Club Management Challenges – How CCM Can Solve Them


Here are a few things to consider before learning the role of an IT system for club management.

Assessment of Club Management 

One of the goals of a cricket club manager is club growth. Assessment of club management indicates the potential for growth, the existing problems, and challenges to the club. 

This process involves a lot of paperwork and eats up a huge pie of your time. Club Managers have been opting for this method for a long time. The shortcomings now seem as ‘part of the job’.  Are they, really? 

Efficient Club Management – Part of the job 

Efficiency is the most sought-after asset in a club manager. The efficiency of the paperwork methodology decreases as the club grows along with the responsibilities of the manager. The day to day responsibilities of club managers can be taken care of using an efficient tool.  This will let them spend more time on the execution of long-term plans for the club. 

A centralized IT system ensures efficient club management throughout the club’s journey. A robust system can evolve with the club to meet the new and changing management needs of the club. 

Here’s how such a system can help you manage your club in an efficient and hassle free way

Streamlined Communication 

Communication is a recurring challenge for club managers. Check out our previous article on why clubs face communication challenges.

Scheduling matches 

A lot of manual work goes into organizing and conducting practice sessions and matches. Club managers, admins are responsible for tracking these sessions, recording attendance, fee payment and alerting players of any last minute changes. 

CCM, a cricket club management app, designed by cricketers helps to ease off the workload by bringing administrative controls at your fingertips. 

  • Scheduling practice session and notifying all club members of the date, time and venue 

Take away the noise in the group communication that makes it impossible to track updates on practice sessions and matches with the Practice Session feature. Add a new practice session, with the date, venue, time and other important notes, with just a few clicks. You can do this on the go from your CCM app.  

Once it’s added, your club members are instantly notified of the upcoming practice session, and you need not worry double-checking with each member. 

  • The Unavailability tool ensures effective match scheduling. Your club members can use the tool to add unavailability for the days and time they cannot make it to the match. This lets you select teams, and players for the match effectively to ensure there are no ‘no-shows’. 
  • Attendance and Fee status – Tracking attendance and fee status of your players is easy. In the Practice Session details, just tap the boxes opposite to players who have attended the matches, paid fees and save it instantly. 
  • You can easily look through the previous matches, sessions as navigation to all the features are smooth. Keep a track of previous matches, details like attendance, fee status, venues, etc. 
  • Add multiple venues in the Venues tool, so you can instantly select a venue when adding a practice session or creating a match.
Member Management and Engagement  

Add, approve or decline new members with the Members tool instantly. Club members can create their profiles, display their skills, add an emergency contact, all of which is essential for a club admin for everyday admin tasks. 

Engaging members is crucial for clubs as it is a performance indicator. Engage you club members with Club News. Publish recent club news, updates, welcome new members to the club with the Club News feature instantly.   

Club Members get all the updates on matches, practice sessions, from the My Events menu. It is easy for club members to stay updated to upcoming matches/sessions since the communication between the admin and the members is streamlined.  

Members will know only what is needed to when scheduling a practice session or a match. Members can track alerts from the My Alerts tool and be sure of any match cancellation, without swimming through a mix of relevant and irrelevant texts in the group chat. 

All features and tools are suited for an efficient and streamlined communication between club admin and members to achieve one common goal – running the club profitable. In addition to all these features, CCM’s reliability makes it worth the consideration. 

CCM is a solution to club management challenges developed by cricketers who understand and experience the problems of clubs. So, as clubs evolve, and go through newer phases, and challenges in their journey, Cricket Club Manager will evolve and roll new features for clubs with various challenges.